Our Mission

Citizen Party is an upcoming federal organization. Our political stance aims to increase living standards, develop major business, advance our national tech industry, and create vast careers within our great nation. Our vision of the future lies within the middle class progression


Our Team

Our staff members from all divisions.

Executive Division

David Cottrell

Federal Party Director & Party Leader (2017-2019)

Auxiliary Post: National Security and Defence

David  is the founder of Citizen Party. First conceiving the idea to establish a new party in August 2013, he has worked diligently in making the promises and polices of the party a reality.

The notion for a new party’s existence stemmed from what seemed to be a fantasy for a better government coupled with knowledge that the political options offered were not in the best interest of Canadian citizens. He chose to ask “Why not make a positive difference through politics?”.

Starting January 2014, with only basic resources,  David started to craft a new party that could benefit citizens by giving them honest representation, accessibility, and a consistent outlet for their concerns. His belief is that citizens should be represented by the those with the best communal  intentions not personal political ideology, and that decisions made on their behalf should reflect their values accurately.

David had lived and worked around Canada in various jobs from Government, sales, and retail before moving to Toronto.

Kaylee Mak

Party Officer

Auxiliary Post: Education and Student Affairs

Kaylee Mak is the party’s front line assistant with numerous duties including responding to online inquiries, aiding party events, and is the student liaison for the party.

Current a political science undergraduate at University of Toronto, she has a strong interest in politics, and decided to join the Citizen Party to put her knowledge and education to the ultimate test. Her aptitude matches her strong passion for making a positive difference in Canada.

Previously living in Hong Kong China she had joined some Chinese cultural associations after immigrating to Toronto. Her main focus is towards improving the quality of education within Canada. After joining the Citizen Party her opportunities to improve the Canadian educational system for students have become much more of a reality.

Shaheera Siddiqui

Party Affairs

Shaheera is a recent undergraduate from Ryerson University in the Bachelor of Commerce Human Resources department and has also has received an advanced diploma from Seneca College in the Business Administration Human Resource department. Her interest lay with the connection between the social and business aspects of an organization.

As a party officer she uses her strong interpersonal skills and ability to handle conflicts in a seemingly manner, she is seen as a good mediator between the members of the party.

Shaheera has made it her gaol to ensure members act in accordance to the Citizen Party policies, as well help with interpretation and guidance regarding conflicts or miscommunication that could affect a person’s ability to perform their duties.

Yasir Batalvi

Political Consultant

Auxiliary Post: Communications Strategist

Yasir is described best as being like Chicago. With a mix of mid-western charm and urban sophistication, he’ll give you advice you never have to look back on. His interest and lifetime reading in politics, international affairs, law, ethics and society make his insights invaluable. People who know him admire his skills in leadership, research, strategic communication and political campaigns. Other people who know him don’t admire his skill at tennis. He wrote this bio himself.

Jimmy Musgrave

Chief of Security

Jimmy is a university graduate of the Federation University of Australia, and a security & risk management professional with over 9 years experience across various sectors within the industry.

Whilst completing his MBA, Jimmy is looking to giveback to the country that has welcomed him with open arms and plans to provide his expertise gained in the security field through years of experience to Citizen Party.

Dawar Ahmed

Financial Integrity Executive

Dawar Ahmed is the Financial Integrity Executive of the Citizen Party. A recent addition to the team, Dawar overseas the use of party funds and reports to the Federal Party Director. Additionally, he is also developing a transparent Accounting structure of the party.

Dawar is a graduate from University of Toronto in Actuarial Mathematics. He has a strong interest in macroeconomics and is a strong advocate towards easing the barriers to doing business for small companies.
Dawar also reports on the overview of the Party’s spending and suggests cost saving opportunities. Also, he is a huge gear head and loves Formula 1. He always wanted to be a formula 1 driver but quickly realized his talents lied elsewhere.

Jad Semaam

Party Legal Liaison
Jad is the party’s paralegal and liaison to Elections Canada. He obtained post-secondary credentials in History & English from McMaster University. Thereafter he completed a Paralegal Education diploma at Humber College.
When not doing legal consulting work, Jad enjoys activities such as writing, traveling and exercising. He is an avid sports fan, and likes to read philosophy, fiction and historical biographies. He holds the opinion that Game of Thrones should continue on forever.

Honour Staff (Former Members)


Venerable Member (Former Staff)

Julia’s skills lay within strategy development and analytics. As the previous Head of the Municipal Marketing Department she had organized a newly established division and elaborated a marketing strategy which yielded $260,000 of foreign investment to Melitopol budget. As a result of her work long term partnerships with six cities in different countries were established.

Additionally she created an investment website and a large database of global partners available for use of local entrepreneurs. This resulted in 20 companies opening their branches in Melitopol. She also has experience presenting reports on city involvement in European Union projects at international conferences.

She completed her education in Strategic Relationship Marketing at George Brown College. She also speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.

Despite not currently working for the Citizen Party her contributions have been significant. Many of her projects still have a residual effect allowing the party to advance beyond expectations.